7 Succesful Tea Startups of India

In recent years, there has been an incredible development in the Chai Industry (Tea Industry). variety of chai startups are hitting the grounds due to the vacuum of any sophisticated place to possess tea market there’s . Tea, although it is that the top beverage in India, lacked a top-quality place where it might be served. Hence, many aspiring entrepreneurs are grabbing the chance and starting chai startup. consistent with BBC News, India consumes 837,000 tonnes of tea once a year. Despite many elegant coffee places around, ‘Desi Chai’ is irreplaceable.

Labeled because the most favorite beverage among Indians, it had been lacking a correct place within the market. With the number of building startups hitting the notch, chai was a compulsory business to step in.

Therefore, here are the highest chai startups in India:


Founder – Amuleek Singh Bijral
Headquarter – Bengaluru
Year of the establishment – 2010
Investors – 8 road ventures, Saama Capital, DSG investors
Total Funding – $12 million
Operating states – Bengaluru, Pune, Delhi

The first chai startup of India; started by a Harvard ex-student, Chai Point is one among the foremost flourishing tea cafe chains of the country. It provides a separate counter for the smokers, outside the café, which is that the major attraction. With introducing the on delivery, the system in but half-hour Chai Point makes itself stand out of the box. Garnering the funding of $10 million recently after previous funding of $2 million by Saama Capital, Chai Point has shown some great development and achievements in its journey in becoming one among the simplest leading chai startups of the country. the corporation also deals in chai and occasional dispensers, which is another unique aspect.

Chai Point has 16 outlets within the Delhi/NCR region and is looking forward to expanding, the venture to Mumbai and Bangalore also. Its founders decided to open kiosks at prominent metro stations so as to offer tough rivalry to the chai also as coffee players within the business.


Founder – Kaushal Dugar
Headquarter – Darjeeling, West Bengal
Year of the establishment – 2012
Investor – Ratan Tata (undisclosed), Robert M Bass, Cameron Jones
Total Funding – $4.7 Million
Operating countries
– India, USA, EU

The second-highest revenue-generating Indian Chai Startup may be a premium tea-selling endeavor that deals in loose tea leaves. they create a commitment of availing their customers with fresh tea leaves within 1 week. they carry Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiris, and Nepal’s far-famed and beloved tea. Approximately 95% of revenue is generated, from outside the state.

Asserted by its founder because of the most promising e-commerce startup, Teabox has managed to garner many tidings for receiving funding from the infamous business tycoon Ratan Tata. Bringing within the flavors from the ‘tea-hub’ of the country, Dugar has managed to form many of his efforts and unique idea. Teabox directly deals with the tea farmers, eliminating the factor of involving a 3rd party expenditure.


Founder – Raghav Verma and Nitin Saluja
Headquarter – Gurgaon, Haryana
Year of the establishment – 2012
Investor – Tiger Global Management
Total Funding – $5 million
Operating cities – Delhi NCR (Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad) and Growing Very Fastly

Established by two IITian engineers, Chaayos is that the fastest-growing Chai Café Startup of the country. the corporation also offers the feature of online delivery, attaining its fame for the varied experiments on Chai flavors. the corporation serves 1200 differing types of tea brewing. They step into the market claiming to be providing the foremost sophisticated place for tea lovers; almost like what’s Starbucks doing for coffee lovers.

The seller of thousands of teacups per day, the startup has established an excellent reputation for itself within the cities it’s established. Chaayos aims at getting its customers their own personalized flavor of tea; for its founders know the very fact that in India everyone features a unique liking when it involves tea which is phrased as, ‘Meri Wali Chai’. Their special flavors include black pepper, rose cardamom, Mirchi, and mint-flavored chai. Chaayos has built a robust ground for itself during a short time.


Founder – Asad Khan, Robin Jha, Atit Verma
Headquarter – New Delhi
Year of the establishment – 2013
Investors – Ashish Gupta, co-founder Evalueserve
Total Funding – Undisclosed
Operating cities – Delhi-NCR

Another tea startup from Delhi NCR delivers its customers the simplest quality at rock bottom price. Snacks, and tea, the trio dived into the business cosmos striking on the ‘daily obsession’ of Indians.

Leaving the high paying job, its founder Robin Jha chose to risk his investments and hard-earned money in starting his own business. Evaluating the present market and people’s demand, Jha came up with the very idea of Tpot.

CEO Robin Jha, who was recently in talks for the inauguration of the 20th café of the Chai Nashta (tea with snacks) chain, features a decision to take his endeavor to greater heights within the next few years. With the opening of two new outlets at Connaught place, Tpot has flourished with its sort of chai and nashta. From their specialty hibiscus tea to the standard masala chai, they need it all with the exotic nashta range that’s present at a reasonable rate. Probably, that’s the rationale tpot has become one among the foremost successful chai startups of India!


Founder – Chirag Yadav
Headquarter – Bangalore, Karnataka
Year of the establishment – 2010
Funding – Self-funded
Operating places – Bangalore

An electronics and communication engineer basically, Chirag, having to be a multi-talented person himself, he has enriched his business with the rangethe standards that lead him to the present idea were the marvelous Bangalore weather, and it’s an incredibly nurturing environment for brand spanking new ventures. Having to be working within the marketing field earlier, with a variety of MNCs after which he planned to start out a business. After leaving the work, he became a Salsa instructor, which was followed by him starting a branding and social media marketing firm. After which came Chaipatty!

Chaipatty is one among the foremost promising tea startups of the country with four ‘Teafes’, as they call their cafes, all across Bangalore. The special Handmade Kullad tea is infamous for the normal authenticity it brings.

Being an art store, it greets its customers with beautiful classic ambiance, dipped into the good culture that our Indians have inherited with every generation.


Founder – Pankaj Judge and Nitin Chaudhary
Headquarter – Delhi
Year of the establishment
 – 2014
Investors – Quarizon Venture
Total Funding – 1.5 Crore INR
Operating Cities – Delhi NCR

Renowned for its simplicity, Chai Thela was the initiation of an IITian, which serves you tea in its classic way. they need installed kiosks or, thellas as we commonly call them, just the way it’s been thus farthe simplest part is that their clients don’t really need to increase the budgets, as they will get tea in most hygienic conditions with the least price.

Pankaj said, “He doesn’t confuse his customer by providing many chai brewing options, he loves the simplicity and serving only 25 sorts of tea and adrak wali chai is their major attraction.” The dramatic story of Pankaj Judge in establishing the business named Chai Thela followed by a venture, which closed, but many of us have examined it.

It is never a simple task to determine a successful business; there are losses, bankruptcy, handling reluctant investors, high risks, and whatnot.

The firm has thus far installed numerous Tea selling kiosks across the Delhi NCR region.

Judge and Chaudhary met through a mutual friend and decided to form a living from their mutual passion and love for chai. Today the Chai chain has six outlets within the NCR region alongside a footfall of 500-600 cups per outlet. Chai Thela has planned to succeed in urban hubs like Ahmedabad and Delhi this year.

Udyan Tea

Founder – Parvez Gupta
Headquarter – Siliguri, West Bengal
Year of the establishment – 2012
Funding – Self-funded

The brainchild of Parvez Gupta found its wings with the genius marketing skills of Soveet Gupta, and therefore the legacy-love for Chai of Punit Poddar. Hence, three tea enthusiasts started this much-loved and infamous Udyan Tea venture with all investing his unique expertise.

Parvez, being a techie is that the back-end panache, Soveet handles the marketing and business development being the marketing mastermind, and Punit being from the lovable land of tea and holding 12 years of experience in tea tasting is that the mind behind the enchanting flavors Udyan brings. Udyan Tea deals in tea leaves.

The unique fact about this firm is, it’s the sole tea consultancy within the country, which not only does business to client dealing but also the business-to-business ones.

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